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        Research & Development Enterprise Rosmorservis,Limited Liability Company was founded in 2000. Rendering services on performing works for technical assistance, ensuring nuclear safety, repair based on the technical condition, lifetime parameters extension, recovery and servicing of electrotechnical, mechanical and hydraulic equipment of vessels and shops became its business segment. R&D Enterprise Rosmorservis, LLC performs comprehensive repair with dry docking of tankers, seagoing tugs, special purpose vessels and non-combatant military machinery.

         The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the icebreaking fleet of Russia are the main customers of the works performed.

         R&D Enterprise Rosmorservis, LLC has business relations with design enterprises Malakhit, Rubin, Almaz (SaintPetersburg) and ship-repair yards SC Ship-Repairing Center “Zvyozdochka”, JSC (Severodvinsk), “Admiralty Shipyards”, JSC(SaintPetersburg), Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Center, JSC and Slavjanka Shipyard Co., Ltd (Vladivostok), SC Sudoremont, JSC (Makhachkala), Ship-Repairing Enterprise “Alliance-Shipping” (Astrakhan), Ltd.

         The Enterprise has patents for double purpose antenna products registered in the State Invention Register of the Russian Federation.

         Since 2011, according to orders of the MD of the RF and foreign customers, the Enterprise began development, production and delivery of non-combatant electronic and technical simulators, which simulate the operation and servicing of shipboard technical equipment, in order to train the crew personnel of ships and submarines in the Training Centers of the Russian Navy (cities of Obninsk and Sosnovy Bor), and of foreign customers (Republic of Vietnam, India). The Enterprise is also engaged in preparation and servicing of manned and unmanned general and special purpose deep submersible vehicles.

         The MD of the RF, Rosoboronexport, JSC and the Russian Geographical Society are the customers of these works.


R&D Enterprise Rosmorservis, LLC
(Research & Development Enterprise Rosmorservis, Limited Liability Company)
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