Low-profile broad-band receiving antenna of combined VLF-range


Ordering options:






- for installation on fixed and mobile communication units, radio reconnaissance and radio-electronic warfare systems, Navy ships;

- reconnaissance aircraft;

- technical control services.


Particular features:

- it requires no tuning;

- short EA ensures better quality for reception of signals from far paths in HF-range;

- small weight and overall dimensions;

- MA is not critical for underlying terrain and surrounding steel structures;

- low-observable; - high environmental stability (wind, waves, icing exposure, etc.).


Technical specifications:

СКЖГ.464639.Э.003 ТУ


General performance characteristics:

Operating range: 10 kHz – 80 MHz Sensitivity in the band of 1,200 Hz, at s/n level of 10 dB from the outputs of circular directional pattern: - Magnetic antenna, within the frequency band, in the field, as minimum: 10...20 kHz – 50 µV/m; 20...1,500 kHz – 30 µV/m. - Electrical antenna, within the frequency band, in the field, as minimum: 0.01...0.3 MHz – 80 µV/m; 0.3…3 MHz – 20 µV/m; 3...80 MHz – 3 µV/m.


Power consumption from mains 220 V 50 Hz, as maximum: 20 W Weight and overall dimensions, WхDхH (mm)/weight:

АБ – 580х580х370/30 kg

БПК – 300х260х100/5 kg

БФВР – 300х260х90/3 kg


Assigned time to repair: 60000 h

Assigned service life: 220000 h

Assigned warranty period: 5 years